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Chiller Heater

Fluid Chillers' has a complete line of Chiller/Heater Modules.

Each unit is designed to both Heat and Chill a fluid or gas. We build units for testing laboratories with integrated electrical controls and interfaces.

We design & build Custom Engineered Test Stands for industries all across the world.

Fluid Chillers built this battery test stand , to heat/cool working battery packs thru testing cycles.

Customer to alter flow and pressure. Particle filters remove contamination from fluid which is being picked up during testing process.

Works with one of our outdoors chiller/heater modules.

This system is designed to provide -65C up to 124C fluid to /from customers testing process

Customer will remotely control rate of cooling and rate of heating and will communicate back to our PLC.

This pictures shows a chiller/heater test unit which can provide -30c up to 220 C fluid to customers test procedure.

Pump flow and pressure is controlled remotely by customers PLC and test specifications