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We Built a Chiller for NASA


Fluid Chillers Inc. has recently designed and built a chiller system for NASA, which will keep the astronaut compartment cool prior to actual liftoff on the rocket launch pad. Blast plates will protect it from being disintegrated by the rocket blast during lift-off.

Mold Temperature Control System

direct injection multi circuit mold temperature control systems

Fluid Chillers has a complete line of direct injection, multi-circuit, mold temperature control systems. There is virtually no limit to the amount of circuits one skid can accommodate.  These are ideal for customers with mold related heat issues and water quality issues.

Explosion Proof Chillers

expolosion proof chillers

Fluid Chiller Inc. builds Division 1 Class 2 explosion proof chiller for various industries such as oil, gas, chemical, and food processing.

Service Available 24/7

Fluid Chillers Van 600

Fluid Chillers has been replacing its outside service vehicles with new, more efficient vans. Doing what it takes to increase our service to our customers and passing the cost savings along to them as well.

Brewery and Distillery Markets

Keewenaw Brewing Company

Fluid Chillers Inc is a leading supplier of low temperature chillers into the brewery and distillery markets throughout the US, Canada and globally. We recently completed an installation at Keweenaw Brewing Company in Houghton MI. Since several of our engineers completed their schooling in Michigan's Upper Peninsula we took special pride on this project.

Multi-circuit chiller

Multi circuit chiller

Multi-circuit chiller with "free cooling" option set up to chiller high speed press line. This is half of the system. The other half plugs into the end piping when new press arrives. "Free cooling" options chills fluid when ambient air temperature is below 40°F. This reduces consumption by 90% by utilizing ambient air rather than mechanical refrigeration modules.

Explosion Proof Environment

Explosion Proof Chiller

Fluid Chillers Inc. manufactures a full line of chillers built for explosion proof environments. Class 1, Division 2 & Class 1, Division 1. (These are available in all voltages and all sizes) Typical Environments are offshore oil rigs, chemical processing plants, oil refineries, etc.

Building Drinking Water System Chiller

drinking water systems

Fluid Chillers Inc. manufactures a full line of commercial drinking water chillers designed to meet customer specifications. This unit services a 50 story building and is located in the basement.

Custom Test Stands

cc custom test stand

This custom test stand was constructed for a customer to test tanks, It will cool and heat fluid, and allows the customer to adjust flow rates and pressures.  The PLC interfaces with all testing and records data for production runs.

Chiller and Tank Systems

Chiller and Tank Systems

Fluid Chillers specializes in controlling straight water to close to freezing temperatures for processing.  This project provides a customer with 4000 gallons of water just above freeze point, on demand.  Chiller and tank system are skid mounted for outdoor installation.

MSU Cyclotron Project

MSU Cyclotron Project

Fluid Chillers builds one of its largest module units ever, for Michigan State University’s new Cyclotron Project.

Center Chiller Systems

Center Chiller Systems

Fluid Chillers partners up with a large inner city hospital contractor, to provide central chiller systems for the medical industry. These systems are designed to discharge air flow to the side. (Example; installed on the 60th floor of a 120 story building)

World's Largest Telescope

Worlds Largest Telescope

Fluid Chillers, Lansing, Michigan, U.S.A.
Recently completed the cooling system for the worlds largest telescope located in South America.

Fluid Chillers, Inc. Expands

Fluid Chillers Inc Expands

Fluid Chillers adds capacity in their sheet metal and fabrication area to meet the expanding needs of their customers faster.